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Thread: Is my GPU temp OK?

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    Default Is my GPU temp OK?

    Just wondering if anyone could lend some advice please?

    Lately i have been experiencing problems with system intensive games such as farcry and FEAR demo. After about 5 mins into the game, green and purple polygons start to flash everywhere (even when i turn all settings to low).

    I checked my GPU temp while playing and found that it was 58 degrees. I am assuming this temperature is too high and is causing the problems. If i take off the side of the case and blow a large fan onto the card it seems to get better, but a don't want to have this big-ass fan sitting there all the time just to get games running ok.

    Do you think there could be something wrong with the card because i think the airflow is pretty good and all fans seem to be working.
    I have a:
    Thermaltake soprano case with fans on the front, side and back.
    Thermaltake 430w PSU
    AMD Athlon 64 3800+
    1 Gig RAM
    Winfast Geforce 6600gt (PCI EX)
    ASUS SLI Deluxe MOBO
    120gig Barracuda HD SATA

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    Default Re: Is my GPU temp OK?

    That temp is a little high for 6600GT's under load (although my unlocked and O/C 6800 gets into the 70s without troubles)...i would get the card checked...try it in another system... at those temps the symptoms are not normal....
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    Default Re: Is my GPU temp OK?

    That temperature is more than fine.
    My 6600GT gets up to 80c without problems.
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    Default Re: Is my GPU temp OK?

    I agree - your temps are fine. My 6600gt agp touches 80C aswell. Pretty high, but seems to be normal. Going to strap on a Zalman V700Cu soon though..

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    Default Re: Is my GPU temp OK?

    There is nothing wrong with the temp of your card ............. I would suggest a faulty card first off. Is it still under warranty? RMA it.
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    Default Re: Is my GPU temp OK?

    Well this probaly wouldn't cause this sort of problem, but to some extent I'm skeptical that your PSU can handle that system. I generally recommend 480W or greater for any socket 939 system with a high-powered video card, but it is possible that it's okay on that PSU.

    In any case, a stock video card should never overheat. The case doesn't even need airflow. The ambient temperatures would have to be so high that it would be physically incomfortable for you to use the machine the card is in. Assuming this isn't the case, I'd say something is wrong with the card and you should RMA it.

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    Default Re: Is my GPU temp OK?

    My old Nvidia reference 6600GT would idle @ 60C and load @ 80C with stock reference cooling. Would only get core OC's of 553mhz.

    A VF700cu (@ 7volts) brought my temps down to 50/65C.. and let me OC up to 593mhz so I could run Thief 3 @ 1600x1200.
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    Default Re: Is my GPU temp OK?

    my 8800 runs is on load at 80c, and still runs games clean and i was told that the new series cards run hot so theirs nothing to worry about.
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