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Thread: Which case for cooling

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    Question Which case for cooling

    I'm currently looking at buying the Thermaltake Armour
    I have been quoted $250.AUS.
    Im running a pentium D with a Zalman cooler.
    Can anyone recommend an alternative to this case, or is this the best for the price.

    Thankyou in advance

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    Default Re: Which case for cooling

    Buy a case worth less than $70 AUS. Mod it and/or spend more on fans and heatsinks. I've never seen any reason to buy a case simply because it has nice cooling abilities (unless we're talking about SFF cases, but we're not). Modding the case to have a CPU duct is much more effective than any case without one, assuming air cooling is being used. Modding the case/getting more fans for the case just so it has better airflow is usually pretty effective, too.

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    Default Re: Which case for cooling

    Just look for something that fits your size needs to begin with. I can't have anything over 450mm due to the desk I keep it in. Then go with something that has spaces for a 120 mm fan front and rear. That should do it. A lot of good reviews on the Antec's these days such as the P180 and P160. I even read a review of the P150 that sounds super awesome.

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    Default Re: Which case for cooling

    I like the raidmax cases, as they provide lots of room for fans to start and leave room for mods to fit more/bigger fans. They are cheap, robust and most of the time, not bad looking.
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    Default Re: Which case for cooling

    hey dont forget to take a look at the coolermaster cm690, it can hold up to 7 fans and is very roomy. really good air flow. and the best part its cheap got it for like 65cdn.
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    Default Re: Which case for cooling

    I would agree with the Coolermaster CM690, plenty of fans (2 have filters), psu at the bottom. Cheap and heaps of room inside.

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    Default Re: Which case for cooling

    Silverstone TJ07

    It can even hold a triple radiator for watercooling on the bottom. It's not the cheapiest case in the world ofcourse, but it's top-notch quality.

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