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Thread: fan controller or not?

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    Cool fan controller or not?

    Most of the fans (listed below) in my computer have the choice of either flat speed or using a controller so I bought a Thermaltake X-Controller to run 4 of the fans speed manually.

    The problem is that now I can't tell the temperatures or fan speed etc without the fans being plugged into the motherboard.

    My question is, which is better for cooling, using the X-Contoller manually or having the fans plugged into the motherboard and using a program like speedfan?

    Any advice would be appreciated


    K8n NEO Platinum Motherboard
    AMD Athlon 64+ 3200 CPU with Thermaltake Venus12 fan
    2 gig DDR400 memory
    MSI NX6600GT Video Card
    160 GIG Western Digital SATA HD
    200 GIG Western Digital SATA HD
    80 gig WD IDE External HD for backups
    NEC ND 3520A DVD Burner
    Pioneer 110 DVD Burner
    SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS soundcard
    Topower TOP-500PS 500W PSU
    1 12cm Thermaltake Smart Fan 2 in front of case
    1 12cm Thermaltake Smart Fan 2 in rear for exhaust
    8 cm Thermaltake Smart Fan 2 in top of case - exhaust
    Thermaltake UFO fan in side panel facing cpu
    8 cm Thermaltake Smart Fan 2 in top of case facing video card
    Mini Server Case
    Logitech Elite Keyboard
    Logitech Optical Mouse
    Altec Lansing 5100 5.1 speaker system
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU 2 x Kingston Hyper 2 GB Kit memory 1066MHz MSI P35 Platinum Combo Mobo Razer Barracuda AC-1 Digital Audio Card XFX PCIe 8800GTX xXx Video card Thermaltake 1000W Toughpower PSU Samsung 320GB IDE HD for OS WD 250GB SataII HD 2 x WD 500GB SATAII HD Compro T750 HDTV Dual Tuner PCI Card Thermaltake Bigwater 745 water cooling Samsung 226BW 22" monitor Samsung Syncmaster 913 19" monitor Silverstone , Thermaltake Armour+ Case

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    Default Re: fan controller or not?

    Do you get a reading for your cpu fan ?

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    Default Re: fan controller or not?

    Well, when used with the manual control, you know when you are going to need the extra when you are starting up a game, you know you'll need the extra air so you just crank the fans up.
    Personally I don't like background programs running while I play games, but that's just me.

    My coolermaster aerogate III works well for what I need and would also solve your problem. It has 4 chanels with a temp probe and RPM readings for each.

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    Default Re: fan controller or not?

    If you do it right you will have the speed monitoring cable (usually yellow, definately not red or black anyway) spliced into 2 so not only does the controller pick up the speed but the mainboard can as well, but you certainly shouldn't power any fans from the mainboard (most especially high powered fans) as this can overtax the mainboard resulting in random errors being generated or burnout the fan headers all together.

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    Default Re: fan controller or not?

    Why do you need to know your fan speed?
    Opteron 165 / Abit KN8 SLI / 2GB Infineon BE5 / XFX 7800GT / X-Fi ExtremeMusic / 3D Aurora case.

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    Default Re: fan controller or not?

    Got an Aerogate 2 for several years now. It's seen 4 cases (modded & new), 3 mainboards, 3 cpu's (from Duron 900 up to a Sempron 3000+), 2 monitors, 3 vid cards, etc. It works fine. Loud its like a jet, slowed down its way quiet. Used FanSpeed on a MSI K8N Neo 3 to control the CPU fan. Aerogate controlls everything else

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