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Thread: cooling

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    hi. im new to this so bear with me...I was wondering if i need more fans for my chassie i only have 1.I think some of my problem might be why its locking up maybe its getting to hot too..i changed the bios to failsafe like shep said still ok for now but not doing alot on it right now i usally encode vcds and stuff and do other things at same time my p3 1 gig never had a problem handling this. would more cooling fans help that out not to fimilar with the bios settings....just a thought any ideas.this is a new pc so im not sure. need to be worked out .it was put together buy a friend he checked it out but had never dealt with a soyo mb before so hes not sure either.. any help wood be greatly appreicated..tkx

    p4 1.6
    512 megs ddr ram
    geforce 2 mx 400 64 megs
    3 hard drives
    soyo p4s dragon ultra mother board

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    First off, we need to know what kind of temperatures that you're running. If you can download a program like SiSoft Sandra or Motherboard Monitor, then that would give us more information to work with.

    That said, you really should have more than just a single fan in your case. I use two for intake and two for exhaust, and that doesn't include the fans on the heatsink and the two fans on the PSU. This will help ensure a smooth airflow throughout the entire case and help you avoid hot spots.
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    A p4 1.6a doesn't emmit that much heat...the stock intel HSF can handle it easy! But I think i'd be correct in saying that a p4 sucks more power then a p3 and therefore your prolems may well be with the PSU (Power Suply Unit). You've got 3 hard drives which is quite a bit and your PSU may not be able to handle the p4 ontop of those. If this is the case then it's not too bad, because PSU's are pretty cheap.
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    damn u daedulas!!!! u sed EXACTLY wat i was going to say grrrr:p

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