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Thread: Monsoon II Lite CLT-M2LI LGA775 CPU Cooling

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    Default Monsoon II Lite CLT-M2LI LGA775 CPU Cooling

    Ok need some help here on this. I bought my computer with this pre-installed. It sounds louder than I think it should and I can see that the fan stops periodically. And by periodically I mean every 3 secs it will stop. However if the cpu is under high load it wont stop. The noise is still there though. I don't have any manuals for it and google searches turn up nothing. Did they install this wrong?

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    Default Re: Monsoon II Lite CLT-M2LI LGA775 CPU Cooling

    If the fan is not spinning then it should not be making any noise. Peltier coolers are electrical in nature and do not make any noise, but since one side of the cooling solution creates a good deal of heat fans (or water cooling) is used to address this. When the fan stops, search around for the source of the noise. It is highly possible that if you bought a pre-made machine with this type of cooling in place, then it also likely has a decent video card, which will normally make a good deal of noise. System fans can also create a good deal of noise depending on their rating.
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