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Thread: My Hot GPU Solution: The RecyklaCooler!

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    Default My Hot GPU Solution: The RecyklaCooler!

    Let Me introduce, an environmentally-friendly computer mod of my Own Design: The RECYCLABLE PAPER GPU cooler!

    P.S: Sorry for the long post, but again, this has a "storyline."

    It started three months ago...

    "Ach!" I said when I touched the GPU heatsink. "This GPU is burning HOT." It was so hot, actually as I can say this thing runs at around 68 degrees centigrade. And this wasnt even O/C'd!

    "Okay, so maybe it was designed that way." I thinked over myself. "Maybe it wasn't designed to be O/C'd at all!"

    But, no. The thing overheated rapidly. The GPU was throttling over and over. 3D Games like NFS: Most Wanted drop to pathetic 5 FPS.

    I am dizzied for a solution. Suddenly, I had my first Idea.


    I fetched a small fan (around just 2cm in diameter) and used a Hot Glue Gun to mount it on the GPU. Okay, works. Barely. At Stock Clocks, the GPU was cool and comfy. Cranking up the GPU clock to 300 MHz (Stock 250MHz), still ok.

    Now, Put up that 460 MHz Max Overclock, "Oh, yes!" I said, as the GPU was stable.

    "Yes!" Again, as the fan kept its feet for 3 minutes.

    "YES!!!" I said, for the fan was in at 9 minutes
    "No, Wait, OH NO!!!" The heat was so intense, It Melted the glue and the fan fell and rested on the modem, creating a buzzing sound while its blades clinked on the solder points of the modem.

    "Awwww, Man!"


    Two days later, I got an Idea.

    I took a plastic box (2 inches long, 1.5 wide and 0.6 high) and a spare "regular size" fan, the size you might find on an Intel Stock heatsinks or those "Cheapo Special" Generic PSUs. I think it was the 80 mm type.

    I used my Hot Glue Gun (nice!) to mount the plastic box to one side of the fan.

    Then, I mounted the structure (using glue gun again) to the side of the case. The fan was blowing directly on the GPU.

    Then, I fired up the O/C and cranked the card to 460 MHz GPU. It worked! I launched the game NFS: Most Wanted, 45 FPS average! Pursuits! Car Races! Extreme Car Crashes!

    Warcraft 3: Same story: Explosions! Frags! DotA! Maximum Quality! Max Resolution! 6xAA! 16xAF! It Rocks!!!

    It simply dominates!

    Then, I looked at my mobile phone's clock. "Oh no! It is almost time for the brand new episodes of American Dragon: Jake Long on the Disney Channel."

    I quickly downclocked the card (to prevent burnouts) to stock and gave the computer to my Mario-Playing younger sister.

    Right in the cue of the show's commercial. The computer gave off graunchy sounds. My mind completly recognized that dreadful sound.

    "Oh No!" I quickly shot down from the stairs and unplugged the computer.

    The Fan, was dismounted, and its blades almost smashed my modem.

    When I took it out, the fan was still ok. The modem was apparently Intact and the mobo was good.

    But, no, It wasnt a happy sight. When I turned the rig on, the BIOS didnt recognize my Hard Drive.

    The drive was kind of, dead!

    "The s-sp-spindle motor (of the HD) wasnt rotating!" I muttered. "The CD drives appear to work."

    I put the computer to rest for a while while I wrap up the brand new episode.


    Okay, so I just adjusted the connection of the PATA connector and the Power connector. Okay, "phew," the drive works. Haaah.... I can rest easy. Boots up perfectly.

    But thinking back on it, the GPU cooling failed! It almost costed me the Dial-Up Modem!

    "Awwww, Man!"


    "Okay, I will asess. I cant glue a fan to the GPU, since the glue will melt. I cant do a "spot cooler" since the aerodynamical forces of the fan will blow the fan and touch to the modem."

    My eyes got an Idea: The Recykla-cooler!

    Made entirely out of recycled paperboard, the Recykla cooler will cool the GPU "air-ducted" style AND also be environmentally friendly!

    I used my Ruler, my Geometry class notebook, and a prescision scissors. I built it on my computer.

    So, Armed with this cooler, I mounted it in, It fits PERFECTLY.

    Though, it actually consumes 2 PCI slots.

    It cools the GPU and gives a high O/C!

    For just a free, spare fan, a sheet of paperboard left over from a previous school project, It works perfectly.

    And unlike other conventional coolers which use un-environmentally friendly plastic for the duct, the duct of this is bio-degradable!

    Cheap, useful, and virtually easy to construct, the RECYKLA-COOLER is very easy to construct, and It works!

    Cools the GPU perfectly! I can say. For games and engineering programs!


    1. RAM Cooling: Mounted on the "Ceiling" of a case and then ducting to the RAM, It can also cool O/C'd RAM!
    2. Chipset Cooling: Mounted on a Side Panel and ducted to the 'sink, It can cool chipsets.
    3. Intel "Bad Axe" Boards: Cool those fat regulators!
    4. Many More... Use your imagination.

    Materials Used For Duct Build:

    + Ruler and Protractor: Measure twice, Cut one.
    + Pencil: Mark that paperboard!
    + Paperboard scraps: For building a duct environmentally nice, get and use recycled ones.
    + Masking Tape: Stick paper with paper so that the recyclers can easily just take off the duct and not have to sort out plastic scotch tape and bio-friendly paper.
    + A Pentel Pen: I marked "Recycle!" on the bottom.
    + an 80MM fan: cool them nice!
    + "Hot Glue" Gun: Heats fast, sticks fast.


    This duct may be small, but me having built a nice mod that is functional, cheap and fully recyclable, is a good start for a greener planet.

    ATTACHED PICTURE: Follow the Green Arrows!
    1. HOT Passively Cooled GPU problems? Not Anymore!
    2. Ta-Da! The Recykla Cooler! Made entirely out of paper (except for the Fan), the device will cool the GPU efficiently.
    3. A detail of the hole and shell. The hole is just as big as the GPU sink.
    4. I Used healthy dibbets of Hot Glue to attach the RecyKla-Cooler to the case side panel.
    5. Aligning hole to GPU hole. Fits!
    6. Side Panel screwed in: Poking my little camera on the other side of the case reveals a perfect fit.
    7. Stable Overclock of 470MHz Core, and 260 MHz RAM!!! Stable tested to 1300+ seconds!
    The OverClock program I used is ATI Tray Tools by Ray Adams.
    Attached Images Attached Images My Hot GPU Solution: The RecyklaCooler!-hottahotta-jpg 
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