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Thread: CPU Cooler Question

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    Default CPU Cooler Question

    Okay i know this has been beaten into the ground about CPU Coolers. But i found 2 Coolers i can't decide which one to get. So if i can get some feedback i would really appreciate it thank you.

    Okay before you guys look at this Money isen't really a problam, So price doesn't matter to me.

    Yes i'm going to be OC'ing my Q6600. And where i live in Arizona where the heat is extremly hot even with Air Conditioners running in the house i'm tired of the heat on the CPU's

    And since i did say money wasen't a problam, No i don't want to go Water Cooling. I just don't like the idea period even how safe it's gotten with liquid in my computer. Already into this new system about $1500US. Last thing i want is something to be fried.

    1. Noctua NH-U12P Cooler

    Review on the Noctua NH-U12P Cooler

    This one is rated being the best CPU Cooler out there. So not sure what to do.

    2. Ultra Chill Tech Cooler

    Review on the Ultra Chill Tech Cooler

    Okay i know this one is abit pricey but for what i seeing on the reviews for this thing it's even running stuff cooler then the 1st one i got in here.

    And forgot to mention, I had OC'ed this chip on this new XFX Board i got and it still has the factory CPU Cooler on it. It runs 100% stable with just FBS OC @3.6Ghz with the Multiplier mixing it with that can have it stable @3.4Ghz. Just it runs about 140 - 145 Degress with Folding running on 1 of the Cores. So thats the BIGGEST reason for wanting the new Cooler
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    Default Re: CPU Cooler Question

    If moneys not an object get a liquid cooling system from thermal take! one of the BigWater series will do good!
    But the ChillTech cooler will do best as it can cool below ambient temp for you ;)

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    Default Re: CPU Cooler Question

    If you have the money, a TEC cooler will do well, especially with your hot environment. I doubt you will run it below ambient (the peltier units used in these products are not terribly high wattage as a rule), but it will keep you a lot cooler than an air cooler will. If you have a LOT of money at your disposal, phase change will take you into the negative degrees and keep you there, but quality coolers of this variety are generally close to a grand.

    BTW... Vigor also makes a TEC based cooler with heatpipes called the Monsoon. Might see if you can find one of these as well for price comparison purposes. Also, if one has a higher wattage peltier installed, that will be the cooler of choice.
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    Default Re: CPU Cooler Question

    STAY AWAY from ready watercooling kits and especially Thermaltake's, if you don't want to cry your pc after the first leak! Google around to find some horror stories if you can't believe me.

    That being said, you might want to ask the guys over - to have a tailor-made watercooling setup for your budget.

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