I have look long time at this because I have build many PC but never a nice one for ME.
You guys have some very beautiful cases, even tho I do have 1 as beautifull I think that yours are fantastic also, the CM 932 haf, thermaltake, Antek; I used to fancey the CM 1000~1100 series.
I got real lucky real lucky
I picked up real cheap Lian-Li PC-75 (CHEAP!)
It is so sweet!!
I have only had it since this Ferruary so I do not know how well it will be in the summer months for cooling, I am sure it will be fine. It IS very nice brush ALUMINUM, all of it!
I came with 3 120mm fans 2 in front of the 5 rack HD mount, 1 rear. that fans also were clear plastic with blue lights WOW!
The MOBO fits well and my big 9800GTX fits perfect. I have a metal 120mm radiator mounted over the 120mm rear out fan.
I have a 750 watt corsair up top.
The Lian-Li isvery high quality I am so impresed I can not say enough about it! Since it is al metal no plastic except for the 1 piece of Carbon fiber trim up top. The metal to metal power button took a drop of Tri Flow sysnthetic oil.
I did not buy the modular Power Supply but you will notice up top has a design to hide any unused cabling.
聯力工*股份有限公司 Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd.

They have many model varriations so it is hard to find exactly mine.

Any way this is my first post here so I am also happy to join you
Now I wish I had more time to play some games but I am to busy fixing peoples mucked up PC's! I am still envious of all U guys cases' but now you can also look at mine too. Its pretty huh? not as much fun as looking at girls but close!