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Thread: What case to get for good cooling?

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    Default What case to get for good cooling?

    I haven't built a system for quite some time now. Used the Antec 900 on my last system. Seems to be OK but would like to try something else with a similar price range or lower for the new PC so this one doesn't look the same. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    I like a lot of the Cooler Master, Antec and NZXT offerings. I'm sure you can get one in the price range you are looking for. With NZXT, just make sure to get their latest designs since a lot of the old ones were rebadged boxes with their little personal twist. Their newer models are more unique to the company and perform better. Thermaltake also has some good enclosures that aim toward cooling, but some are pretty pricey.
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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    I have a Cooler Master CM 690 and it is a very good case. Lots of cooling options and it has a nice clean look. Its a bit cheaper than the Antec 900 as well. I was considering both the Antec 900 and the CM 690 for my recent build and ultimately went with the CM 690 because it was cheaper. I managed to get mine for ~$60 including shipping and taxes with a rebate offer.

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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    I have a Coolermaster HAF 932 case and it is absolutely freaking amazing for what you get for your money. I cannot find another case that comes close in the price range.
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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    Dear Spongebob,

    My philosophy has been since the last two rig I built, get a full-size tower with big intake fan(s) and big exhaust fan (s). Follow the rule of front fans intake/ lower, rear fans (incl. Power Supply exhaust) exhause/ higher. You can use your front fans for cooling off your HDDs, too. You can add fans inside the case with cable ties at strategic places--near the RAM and the CPU. You should definitely get an after-market heatsink and cooler, like the copper fanned Zalman 9700, or the Arctic Freezer 7. Check theses for the available size inside your case, but with a tower you should have no problem. I have been using a Thermaltake Armor for 3 years and am very pleased with it. I just bought a Zalman G1000 and, after a few modifications of my own it cools well enough, but I'm not as satisfied with it. Other cases that come to mind: Lian Li aluminum cases, the newer Thermaltake designs, but I don't think one has to go overboard on the price of the case. My thermaltake was something like 160 American when I bought it. Don't rely on the powersupply, buy a case without it. The ones installed are garbage. Get a name-brand powersupply and name brand memory. The basic design of the case should tell you a lot about it--is the space clear or are there blocks to the free flow of air? What will it look like with your equipment installed. Do a drawing, even. Also, DO NOT FORGET THE THERMAL COMPOUND, Arctic 5 or OCZ (I used OCZ on my last rig and while it cools a few degrees lower than Arctic Silver, it is much harder to apply and more expensive). Once you are up and running, download the program Core Cooler and check the temperatures at idle and while you are running Prime 95. They should be within the appropriate limits.

    Good luck


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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    All these fancy cases.. My super antec lanboy works great! :D
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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    Antec 1200......Good cooling for the money and more than enough room for everything including enough space to ease assembly for people with big hands.
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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    Antec 900 was my choice - lots of fans. Check reviews at Newegg. On sale right now!

    Things that I didnt think of: where is psu mounted? low in Antec 900! Also, it has a clear panel - do you like that? (makes no difference to me, but seems cool).

    I looked at an Antec 900 at Fry's - my impression is that is MADE for airflow - its like a windtunnel that holds your build lol

    I like big, too - still wondering about that. Antec900 has room for something like 6 HDD and 3 DVD/CD's ...when I read that I figured that was plenty and could not see a reason to spend the extra money for the Antec 1200 (which I do sort of envy lol)

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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

    I went with the Antec 300, my local Micro Center had it for $40!

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    Default Re: What case to get for good cooling?

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