Am planning first water cooling system; have no experience; thinking this:

using these:
1x Danger Den DD-CPX-Pro 12V Pump
1x Black IceŽ GT Stealth 360 XFlow High Performance Radiator
1x Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Rev. 2 Reservoir
2x Zalman VGA Water Block for ATI Radeon HD3850, 3870 Series
1x EK-Supreme Universal Premium High Performance Water Block - Acetal
1x EK-SB GA-X38 Northbridge Water Block - Acetal
1x EK-NB/SB 5 Southbridge Water Block - Acetal
1x EK-Mosfet GA X38/48 Mosfet Water Block for Gigabyte Motherboards LGA 775 chipset X38/48
1x Koolance INS-FM17 Coolant Flow Meter & Adapter Board
2x Delrin/Acetal 90 Degree Fitting
4x Delrin/Acetal "T" Fitting
Is this flow diagram optimal, or -
do I need to somehow re-order the flow/splitting?
will I need ball valves after the 'in' tees and ells, to trim up flows?
Any ideas welcomed at this point, BEFORE I start committing cash!!!