I have just put my new build together and have been doing a fair bit of reading on what temps I should be registering from my setup, however, I have not been able to find anything that precisely satisfies my paranoia...

Intel Q9550 (stock 2.8GHz until I make sure all is okay)
Gigabyte EP45 UD3P MB
4 Gigs Kingston Ram
HIS Radeon 4850 Video Card
OS - 64bit XP prof.
and of course the advertised Zalman 9700 CPU cooler with Arctic Silver 5 of course...

So my idle temps according to Real Temp 3.0 and CPUID Hardware Monitor are:

Min1 = 37C
Min2 = 37C
Min3 = 30-32C
Min4 = 24C

Now after 5 Half Stress Intel Burn Test runs (passed all 5) the Max temps are:

Max1 = 63C
Max2 = 63C
Max3 = 57C
Max4 = 54C

For one, I wonder if these temps are on the high side for my setup. I also am worried that the idle or full load temp difference between the first two cores and the fourth indicate an issue with the fourth core...

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!