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Thread: Help a newb who needs some tips on watercooling!

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    Default Help a newb who needs some tips on watercooling!

    This will be my first time doing water cooling and any tips would be much appreciated! This includes tips on building, leak testing, pricing... ANYTHING!

    Obviously, I'm gonna need a pump, radiator, tubing, reservoir?, and blocks. That is really all I know, though. From what I've read, it sounds like I should go with 1/2in ID tubing. I've also read that reservoir is not necessary, but it seems like you'd want one because of inevitable evaporation/refill.

    Circuit order should be pump -> radiator -> blocks -> pump, right?

    This is what I have so far: (please excuse the excessive amount of tubing)
    -$65 pump
    -$65 radiator with built-in reservoir
    -$62 CPU block
    -$40 GPU block
    -$6.40 (16*0.40) tubing
    -$6.40 (16*0.40) clamps
    Total: ~$245 + whatever shipping is = ~$260

    I see there's a section for "T lines," but I'm not completely sure what they're for.. maybe an alternative to reservoirs?

    If anyone can give me any input, it'll be much appreciated!
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    Default Re: Help a newb who needs some tips on watercooling!

    Yes, a T-line is a replacement for a reservoir. I do not like reservoirs since they are usually made of plastic and they almost always leak.

    As for your list, your link to the CPU block goes to the radiator.

    As for the GPU block remember that modern video cards will need ramsinks on the memory chips and sometimes even the voltage regulation areas. I would skip water cooling the video card if you are new to water cooling.

    Also, I run 7/16" ID lines since they fit more tightly over the 1/2" ID barbs giving me that extra bit of protection and there is no difference in cooling performance with the slightly smaller tubes.

    Look into a DangerDen fillport or something like it as well, sure makes filling the system easier.

    You will need to prime the pump while filling it which can be a pain. Don't run the pump dry for more than a few seconds.

    As for the routing of the waterlines I suggest running them however looks the best since it doesn't matter what comes first in the loop.

    Post back any more questions and I will try to get them answered.
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    Default Re: Help a newb who needs some tips on watercooling!

    In the Liquid Cooling guide here at Tweaktown they mention disconnecting your PSU from your MoBo and CPU and priming your pump like that; that way, if there is a leak, there is no hazard to your board from shorting.
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    Default Re: Help a newb who needs some tips on watercooling!

    Ah, thanks casecutter for the catch on the incorrect URL. I fixed that. I have heatsinks for my video card already, so no worries there. The tubes on my list are 7/16, so thank you for assuring that there is no loss in cooling performance.

    Also thanks grishkafool for the link to that guide. Even though it's simple, it did help some.

    To those curious, I'm actually interested in transferring the heat outside of my room, not so much for overclocking. The idea is to hang the radiator outside my window. I've decided to get an even larger radiator than I have listed, though I have not found one yet.

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