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Thread: Installing Fans on case for cooling!

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    Ok, I have a intake fan on the front-bottom, and an outtake fan on the back next to the CPU fan(about 3inchdistance). I have another fan now.. and I want to install it on the side as an intake fan. I was wondering if I install it on the side... should I put it directly in front of the CPU fan(this increases the RPM of the cpu fan)... OR!! should I put it infront of the DDR RAM modules.. .closer to the HDD's?

    cause if I put it directly in front of the CPU fan, it kinda helps... but then the outtake fan isn't getting much air to it! but if I install it infront of the ram, then there is a air pocket for warm air where the outtake fan and pull it out! right?

    And also... if I get another fan should I put it on the top of the case? to suck out heat?

    All help is appreciated!

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    Default see usually intakes are used closer to the floor of the case to make the cold air push up the heat and get extracted by the exhaust fans usually on the top. I placed two case fans on the bottom and bottom mid of my side panel. I'll see if i can get a pic of it. I also have two intakes in the front of the case; one on the bottom and one on the mid bottom. The exhausts are located on the back of my case. I have two together taking air out close by the cpu and the rest of the mobo and i have one by the pci slots extracting hot air from my GPU card and others. I also have HDD coolers and a empty drive bay with 3 40mm fans on the drive bay. Chis has a good setup prolly a bit better than mine since he used 120mm fans while i use 80mm. He claims it kicks ass...and i believe him...cuaz so does mine. He'll prolly come around and explain his setup. If you have a High End card that you know gets really hot then place your intake to hit that area..and i''l use the other fan and place it above that one and a bit to the right. An exhaust fan on top isn't a bad idea...i would have done one but i did my fan mod after the rig was built and i didn't wanna the metal mesh from the hole cut to get on my components.

    Hope i didn't bore you with the whole explanation...: peace2:
    - Damien

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    I would go with pulling the air in directed at the video card. There is no doubt that they are a heat source, even the ol' 3DFX cards could pump out a lot of heat. That heat, if not dissipated will end up right near the location of the CPU and RAM. In other words, it will rise as has been proven numerous times by competent science type dudes.

    And based on that simple principle of heat rising, I am a solid proponent of an out-take fan mounted at the top of the case, where the hottest air will concentrate.

    But hey, that's just my diluted theory:D
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    pesonally i'd definanetly have it on top my cpu....i modded a 103cfm 120mm panaflow into the side of my case and noticed a 6 degree difference in summer when i replaced my 80mm low speed fan with it....i think all that air blowing down as well as supplying my mcx with fresh air, the air pressure actually increases the efficentency of the delta fan on it...i think this is bcos air is being forced down into the HSF fan and the fan ends up blowing more air onto the heatsink bcos it has less resistence blowing air that is alreadi travelling in the same i hope that makes sence to u all :D
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