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Thread: True Vs Thor's Hammer Vs IFX 14

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    Default True Vs Thor's Hammer Vs IFX 14

    I had True which I sold to get Xigmatek's Thor Hammer. Also, I bought IFX 14.

    On my setup with E7300 proccy Oced to 3.4 Ghz with 1.33V with ambient temp 22-23, the temps were as follows :


    Idle - 32-33

    Thor's Hammer

    Idle - 35-38
    Load - 56-60

    Thermalright IFX 14

    Idle - 31-33
    Load - 58-62

    All the three were tested with Push Pull effect with Xigmatek 1500 fan pulling in and Scythe fan pulling out.

    I am surprised to see that True still beats the costlier Thor and IFX 14. I have tried mounting the cooler vertical but did not find any noticeable difference in temps with Push N Pull.

    I am dissapointed at the moment as I sold the best to get the worst. Is there something I am doing wrong??????????
    E7300 - GA-EP45-UD3P.F8 Bios, Version 1.1/E7300 M0 SLAPB VID 1.2250/Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2X2GB 800 Mhz Ram/XFX 8800GT/Corsair VX450/320 GB WD HDD/LG DVD Drive

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    Default Re: True Vs Thor's Hammer Vs IFX 14

    Sorry for the late response, but the numbers you posted for both the TRUE and the Hammer are very reflective of the numbers in our testing. Did you buy the Hammer based off of looks or did you miss the temperature charts from the reviews?

    Sorry of this comes off a bit harsh, Im just wondering why you wouldn't read reviews that already state what you found out the hard way.

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