When the Dragon Orb 3 cooler hit the market, it was the opportunity for Thermaltake to finally say that the Orb style cooler can really work. It was a decent cooler and handled cooling well.

Since then, however, Thermaltake has gone back to a more traditional style of cooler. If you take a moment and ask yourself "WHY?", then you'll see that they did it because it offers better cooling. I've tested both of the coolers in question here and can tell you straight up that the Volcano 7+ is the better cooler.

And as I mentioned above, the Volcano 9 is even better still. It will be hitting the stores soon so keep your eyes peeled. It has taken the place in my own system as my standard cooler. If you consider the sheer numbers of coolers that I have tested, then you'll see that it says a lot. I would put the Volcano 7+ as my number 2 or 3 choice.