Recent vendor experiences
<HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Since I just placed 13 orders from 8 different online vendors, I thought I would share my experiences throughout the process from ordering to delivery. Hopefully this will be a representative set of experiences and be beneficial to some. Feel free to add your experiences too.


Performance PC

Site somewhat difficult to navigate, but huge inventory and they have it in stock when everyone else is out. Gotta re-enter CC info each time. Shipping prices very high, delivery slow- but I am on complete opposite side of US. Some orders go out in less than 24 hours, some don't. An order placed 2 weeks ago still hasnt arrived by ups. Next 2 orders did usps priority, much more expensive but will get here before the ups order.
The go-to guy is James. Goes the extra to please. Called him and got a price match from another vendor without hastle. ( Note: Still waiting for refund of price adjustment). Good communication, even though it seems they're very busy. Overall very pleased. Awaiting delivery of 3 orders atm, will update when they arrive.
*Update: last order placed at 6pm last night shipped first thing this morning. They even threw in a switch I forgot to order the first time in at n/e. Great people. Touch like that- throughing in a $5 switch- goes a long way to take sting out of high shipping and them not always being cheapest on everything. )

Tila Tech

Followed link from another thread and discovered a deal on Res/top. Emailed and got response next morning, then I placed order right afterwards. Day later got confirmation, Had previously discussed picking item up as they are 20.1 miles away. They told me that they would do free shipping if I lived a few miles away, so I ordered. When I didn't get shipping advise I email, was given story about CC address delaying process ( I checked bank and it had already cleared). They also said that the free shipping was if I was 1-5 miles away! However they did agree to price match newegg- in my haste I missed the fact that newegg was $5 cheaper on the CPU block. ( Note: no credit received yet) They stated that I could come pick the items up now. I emailed back asking for hours and address. Three emails and another two days later- no reply. Something if fishy here, methinks. Maybe its just a small part time mail order business- they certainly don't have much for sale. I was hoping to buy something locally for once, but dunno yet...
*Update- got email this morning telling me I can pickup between 11 and 11:30 or 3 and 3:30, but have to call first. Kinda creepy- like a drug deal?
*Update- got an email this afternoon stating that the order had been shipped ups, but without trackiung number. Sent reply asking whether I was still picking it up or has it been shipped.


ordered qdc fittings only, for full retail- but decent shipping rates. Good communication, package arrived 2 days later. Its all good. Did't know they were about 30 miles away.


Had wanted to order more from them, but many items were out of stock. Who would have thunk it- no w/c parts in the midst of a heat wave? Anyway, good commication, very good prices and shipping rates. Order shipped same day, plus got an email from Gary telling me they were out of an item so he gave me a substitue for free. These guys are looking good. All the good things posted about them must be true.
*Update- rec'd pkg today, these guys are just great all around! About to place another order- didnt know the bit power 45's with barbs do not allow removal of the barb- need two 45's now. Bit power fittings are well crafted, and the 45's look to be very low restriction.


Small supply of w/c stuff. Placed 3 orders- got them to include one into previous to save shipping. Third order John ( go to guy) worked with me and gave me volume discount- greatly appreciated. Everything went out same day. Cheap shipping. Note: refunds for shipping and volume discount were issued almost immediately- so I don't have to keep track and do the hastle a week later to get the money back. Very very positive experience. Wish these guys had more stuff. First time ordering from them. Based on how things have gone so far, I will try to order as much pc stuff as possible through them. Fan-tas-tic!


Limited stock but some great prices, placed small order today and its already shipped. Only email confirmation so far. First time ordering from them.


I know, buyer beware, but all I bought was fan shrouds. Out of hundreds of perchases never been drilled-yet. I havent burned out 8 38mm fans yet, so had to get the housings somewhere. Got email from seller, shipping tomorrow.
*Update: got shipping advise this morning.


They are great about taking stuff back, but they dont use usps- and face it, ups sux. Even though they offer 3 day guaranteed shipping, the fastest seen was 4 days after shipped. I could give you dozens of nightmare stories about the brown people, but wont bore you. Sometimes the egg has good prices, sometimes not. Have to prive shop. Ordered fan controller that was $1.25 over list, but it had that god awful free shipping, and I wont need it for at least a week. Mixed feelings about the egg atm. Overall positive, but feel like I'm just a number sometimes.

So there it is. Take what you need and leave the rest.