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Thread: need longer temp probes

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    Default need longer temp probes

    finishing up an external rad/res/pump box and ran on something I've never thought of before. temp probe cables are too short, and also want to put in disconnect terminals. The box is designed to be entirely modular, so that it was be disconnedted for maintenance, moddings, testing, moving to another pc. everything else solved beautifully- except temp probe cables!

    As I understand, t probes rely on resistance- so splicing a length of 22 gauge might affect temp readings, as might putting in-line connectors.

    Ideas anyone?
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    Default Re: need longer temp probes

    Adding a connector to the cable will affect the resistance, but only very slightly. You need to know how sensitive the temp probe is. What you will need to do is measure the resistance of the probe at different temps. For example, measure the resistance at 20 degrees, then at 25 degrees and see how much variance there is. If the difference is only a few ohms (or even less) then splicing the cable will probably affect your temp readings, but if the difference is quite large then you should have no problems.
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