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Thread: Cpu Fan

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    And on an unlimited budget you would pick?

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    With an unlimited budget, I would definatly go with an SLK-800. (not counting water cooling) Nothing comes close to it in the realm of quiet heatsinks.

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    From the article, it looks like the absolute best choice. What about interference with surrounding structures? Some that we should shy away from based on that problem?

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    Hmmn, the choice is harder. But in ranking order probably....

    Thermalright SLK-800
    Swiftech MCX-462
    Alpha PAL-8045

    The Thermalright offers great flexibility in fan size selection. It's a copper monster!

    There are probably others out there that rank nearly as well. But those are the ones that consistently perform well in numerous reviews....

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    Thanks, and none of those pose mounting problems in normal case applications?

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    That's a more difficult question but a good one. Most of your top-of-the-line motherboard manufacturers have good designs. So you'll have ample space for large coolers.

    But research well and ask. Once you decide on a motherboard pop on a bulletin board and ask someone if such-n-such combination will work. Someone out there will have the answer.

    You can always fire off an email to tech or sales support of the manufacturer and ask as well. They'll be more than happy to respond. But for most well-known MB brands, it shouldn't pose a problem.

    But you are wise to ask beforehand....

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    Great suggestions there CuriousMan. I'll take your advice. I'd like to OC a 2600+ and am getting all the parts set in my mind.

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