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Thread: 5970 Koolance FAIL

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    Default 5970 Koolance FAIL

    I installed the two Koolance water blocks VID-AR597 (Radeon HD 5970) for 2x5970 in serial way and the result is a complete failure. It does cool the cores; but the upper memory modules (ones in the reverse side of the block) reach 120 degree at 880 mhz core clock although i lower the memory to 760 mhz. I can't even pass the stated core value due to overheat in memory. What kind of water block is designed to cool just cores; but leave the memory alone??

    System has 3 Akasa Apachee 120 mm fans rated at 1300 rpm (~165CFM) with a Swiftech MCR320, MPC655 and reservoir. I must admit that Swiftech is absolutely perfect as the pump is strong, the radiator is factory clean and doing its job. I use Milkyway@home GPU application which stress the cores %99 so the temps are max.

    The only failing components are two VID-AR597 (Radeon HD 5970) which i paid 280 $ to reach 1 ghz; but only dreaming now. Although 58 degree at 880 mhz is sweet, the ram issue will pull you down on overclocking and pisses me off right now.

    I wrote this, because I'm sure there are people who will be buying water blocks for 5970. Don't buy Koolance VGA water block VID-AR597 (Radeon HD 5970).

    I wish i bought the one from swiftech; but at the time of purchase which was couple of weeks ago, there was none.

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