Hi everyone!

I have a Xigmatek Thor's Hammer; i think it's a revision 2 model.

The earlier Thor's hammers had an issue with the aluminuim shims protruding by a small amount from the surface of the HDT base.
One mm or so i think, but disastrous when it came to good contact with the processor. I'm guessing mine is a revision two model because it's surface is a flat but the machine marks on the exposed copper can be seen. It's bloody flat nonetheless.

Does anyone have any info about this issue? I checked the box, serial numbers and the documentation-there's no mention of a 'version number' and such.

Also, what is the best orientation for the Hammer? With the fans airflow directed South to North(from case bottom to top) or East to West(from case front to back).
The way the core on a i7920 is arranged has bearing on the correct mounting orientation of a HDT cooler but NOT a single flat base cooler no?

From what i understand, mounting the cooler with base pipes parallel to the PCI-e slots, i.e with the airflow in a South to North direction would be best.
Any body have any numbers comparing the two orientations? I'd greatly appreciate that.

I'm running a Corei7920 OC'ed to 4.0ghz at 1.28 V. I'm getting temps like 85-86 C on full load in Prime 95 Large FFT's and Blend and i'd like to bring them down. Are these temps ok?

Will Tuniq TX 2 oxidise the exposed copper on the Hammers base heatpipes?
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