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Thread: Core i7920 DO 4.0Ghz OC temps issue

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    Default Core i7920 DO 4.0Ghz OC temps issue

    MY temps across my four cores on my Oc'ed i7920 varies by 6 C from the least to the highest during load i.e prime 95 Blend FFT? Whaddya think guys? Is that normal? I've heard of variation between cores of up to 4 C but 6 C?

    My question is: Should i remount the heatsink?


    Core DO i7 920- OC to 4.0 GhZ 1.2875 V
    [ Prime 95 Blend Stable!]
    Asus P6T
    Xigmatek Thor's Hammer with 2x120mmx38mm 2300 rpm fans in a push pull config. Airflow directed from bottom of case to top, i.e the Hammer is mounted with its heatpipes running in a East West direction with respect to the mobo.

    Separation distance from lower 38 mm fan to adjacent Radeon 5850 in the first PCIe slot is only about 1.5cm.

    I'm concerned also about the lack of cool air for the Hammer to eat but i've covered that in another post.

    Many thanks.
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