Founded in 2008 in Taipei Taiwan, Prolimatech is one of the newest players in the heat-sink business. Their first entry into the extremely competitive heatsink market was the immensely successful Megahalems CPU cooler. Easily one of the best performing air coolers on the market, the Megahalems stole the hearts of enthusiasts around the globe with decent availability, a very reasonable price, and excellent fit and finish and quality control.

So, after the success of their first entry, I was naturally very curious to see what Prolimatech had up their sleeve next. Enter the MK-13 VGA cooler, a massive cooler utilizing six 6mm heat-pipes, and a fairly universal mounting mechanism. Does this cooler have what it takes to continue the legacy of its CPU mounted sibling? We shall see.
Unpacking the Prolimatech MK-13

Unpacking the cooler didnít bring any surprises. Packaging was simple, safe, and secure.

There are many ways to market and package a product like this. Some manufactures sell all parts a-la-carte, some stuff everything in the box with a mouse pad and a can of energy drink (joking). My preference is to get the cooler, and all the accessory heatsinks, but not the fan or any other unrelated manufacturer merchandise. I prefer to use my own choice in fan, and I think the majority of the enthusiast community would agree, one fan does not fit all, everyone has different priorities. So for me, this package is just about perfect, all the stuff I need, but none of the junk that would end up in my trash.

My test victim today will a reference design GTX 260 graphics card by Gigabyte. This is one of the old 192SP cards, and runs a bit cooler than some of the higher end GPUs out there. I think this will provide a good challenge to the MK-13, its competition today will be the stock cooler that came on the card, which is already very good. Identifying strengths and weaknesses may be more difficult than with a 280 GTX or HD5870. But Iíll save that discussion for another day :)

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