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Thread: What should my idle temp be?

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    Default What should my idle temp be?

    Hey I just bought a barebones system for Cyberpower (i7-950 coolermaster v8 Gigabyte x58 MB, coolermaser haf-x tower). I plug it in and boot to the BIOS, all the fans including the CPU fan are running, the case is open so it has plenty of air flow and the BIOS says the CPU temp is 77 degrees C and it climbs up to 82. Isn't this way, way too hot for it to be running under what is basically idle? Shouldn't it be around 40 or less?

    Before I flip out on them I wanted to confirm that this is unacceptable with some people who know.

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    Default Re: What should my idle temp be?

    what thermal paste you are using?...that temps scares me..:D

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    Default Re: What should my idle temp be?

    If your ambient temps goes around 60-70 deg C then I'd say that's normal but if it ain't then that's way above the normal ones.

    Try to reseat the V8 and don't forget to apply another TIM but before doing that try do download first real temp and see if it's really that hot. Maybe the bios is just reading it wrong.

    My i7 930 with ambient temps of 34-40 Deg C overclocked at 4ghz idles at 45-50 Deg C. I hope that helps.

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    Default Re: What should my idle temp be?

    i still think those are frekaing high .. especially if its not even overclocked... though idk much about intel

    on my amd i get 36-38 idle.. and i can tell u i cannot overclock it more than this.. also im not using a watercooler.. just an aftermarket air one.. my temps do go to 59 under full load when i run prime 95 for extended periods of time

    might be that your paste isnt applied correctly and there are gaps between the processor and your cooler...

    first time i tried with mine was at 49 idle without overclock so i redid the paste with a card :) and bam
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    Lightbulb Re: What should my idle temp be?

    Personally , I Consider CM V8 A Bad Cooler ( I Had It For A While ) , However ~ 80 Degrees For Idle Is Too Much
    I Think Cooler Installation Wasn't Correct , Log In To Windows , Obtain CPU Cores Temp Using HardWare Monitor
    If They Are That High , Re-Install The Cooler And Ensure That A Thin Layer Of Thermal Grease Is Applied To Cooler's Base
    And Good Luck

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    Default Re: What should my idle temp be?

    If its in the 70c's at idle then its not right,check your CPU voltages and the your cooler is mounted properly,check all the c states and eist are enabled in advanced CPU features,at idle you should expect to see around 38-45c on the cores,ideally you want to keep CPU temperatures below 80c when at full CPU load
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    Default Re: What should my idle temp be?

    wow that temp is obviously WAY too high, check the heat sink and thermal paste. My cpu idles 26-30 degrees on air.
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