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Thread: CPU and General Cooling Problems (Airflow?)

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    Greetings there to all. I have always had problems keeping my case and CPU adequately cooled; I hope it merely lies in the design, not the components itself.

    I'm running a full-tower case with a regular case fan for intake on the lower front. There are plenty holes there; I even drilled a few myself recently. At the top and back of the case, there are 2 mounted regular case fans, both set in place for exhaust. At the CPU itself, I have a solid-copper base with the copper fins. it uses a delta fan. Sitting on top of my video card, directed between the CPU and the Northbridge, is another standard case fan. The intake for the power supply is on the bottom, directly over the CPU. It has an exhaust fan (of course).

    The processor is an Athlon Thunderbird 850 (8.5 x 100). The memory is generic pc133 (cas 3) ram 512 mb. The motherboard is an Asus A7VKT133A bios revision (uhh latest... 1005?). None of the equipment is overclocked, but was at one time. I unfortunately have burnt out all the motherboard connectors on my motherboard.

    Unfortunately I don't remember the make/model of the heatsink. I also don't remember who made the case.

    Any suggestions on what I can do to improve CPU cooling, directly or indirectly? Increase airflow? Manage it? Change it? Add new fans? Take some out? Move them?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Usually adding 2 side panel intake fans (80 or 92mm), one over the video card and the other over the CPU, and a blowhole (92-120mm) in the top panel will in most cases do the job. You may want to take a look at the heatsinks here, , as it's likely that your's is in there. ;)

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    you can always trying modding it yourself i have found running a intake from the front of the computer to the cpu. (creating intake of cool air to your cpu. I recent did this and showed a 5 degree decrease in temp. With a shot try this site i have found to help

    NB The edit button does work as I just checked it. ;)

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