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Thread: best temp monitor

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    Seems to be a sale on them here atm, ;)

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    Wow, thats a great price Wiggo.

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    I have a DD5, and it works quite well. There is only one thing i woudl change about it.

    The individual fans turn on at the tempratures you specify, and if your case gets 2 degrees warmer than you specify as the temprature to turn the fans on, the annoying alarm starts going off, and wont stop, until you push a button and turn on ALL of your fans.

    There is no way to set the alarm to go off any later, and there is no way to set the fans to come on any earlier without the 2 degree thing.

    I know for me, I woudl like it if you could set the alarm to only go off when it is five or ten degrees over the temprature you specify to turn the fans on at.

    It is especially annoying, if you have, say an intake and an exaust, you would like to turn on at a fairly low temprature, and keep them going without any alarm at all, but their either isnt a way to do this, or I am jsut ignorant and i dont know how.

    I didnt get a manual with my dd5, i picked it up of eBay, I also have a coupple of friends with dd's and neither of them seem to know how to change this.
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    It's not too hard to set your fans to turn on at a low temp.. or force them to run, etc..

    The manual is actually only an Adobe .PDF file. Check here:

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    Root Folder: Manuals
    SubFolder: Digital Doc
    Manual: Digital Doc 5 English (or Chinese)
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    Ooooh yeah! Nothing like a digi doc 5.

    This fella is sitting in my pc and doing a great job :D
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