Hey guys, im new to tweak town! Just built a new rig and everything is great but just cant figure out ONE thing. I bought a Antec H2O 620 right, yeah, well I cant seem to get it to go past 1390rpm. Box says its a 1450-2000 rpm fan. My 3prong female connector is plugged into the 4 pin CPU fan1 male connector in the right config, just like my extreme4 manual says. I have tried auto and manual control in the BIOS, and have used the AXTU program my mobo came with. still cant seem to find a way to get it past 1390 rpm.

I idle around 33-35C at 1390rpm, but when i stress test my cpu the fan stays at 1390rpm but my full load temp climbs to about 67-69. This cooler should keep it around 50c. I dont know how to fix it! Any advice! thanks!