Hi Guys :)

i recently bought a GTX560 for my computer, its kick ass, i can play crysis 2 with the ultra upgrade on MAXXX!! i am very happy .. except whenever the fan speed gets above 50%, a loud grinding sound can be heard. as the card does not get that hot, i do not mind, its just one of those things i notice that gets to me. the card is a little over a week old, and long story short, i cant get a new one replaced under RMA, so i will be credited .. only problem, the card i got was a one time deal, the shop i got it from got the last 2 at an extremely good price i could not refuse, that being said, the supplier has none left anymore neither does the shop. being the nerd i am, i cannot go a day wothout team fortress 2, so i am asking would you suggest sending it back and waiting 3 months for MSI to replace it, getting the credit and paying an extra $60 odd dollars for a new one or just changing the cooler. personally i wouldnt mind changing the cooler but i am not sure what coolers are compatable because of the minimum specs given by companies like arctic cooling.

thankyou :D :D :D