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Thread: Watercooling a HAF 932 case

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    Default Watercooling a HAF 932 case


    I recently bought a PowerColor 6870x2 and I must say I love it but..... It is loud. I am seriously thinking about putting water in my HAF 932 case.

    The goal is to use the fans that are already in place to remove CPU and GPUs fans (I also have an old NVidia 9800GT) and, while I'm at it, add some extra cooling on my NB (overclocked 33%). I also do not wish to mod the case to do it.

    I am looking at radiators for 1 or 2 20mm fans (for top of the case), one smaller radiator for the back (14mm fan) and maybe another one 1 20mm for the front fan (that is think about as I think it is overkill). I am thinking about cooling CPU & NB first, going to through small radiator before going to the video cards. If I use a 20mm in front of the case, I would just remove the smaller 14mm from the back.

    Does this makes sense? Also, are pumps loud? I have seen some noise dampers out there suggesting that they may be vibrating a bit too much.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Watercooling a HAF 932 case

    No what you are doing wont make much sense in the long run.

    Quick thoughts....You are complaining about the GPU noise, but want to cool the CPU and NB first? Seems sort of counter productive to me. Secondly, you don't wasn't to have the hassle of building a loop for the CPU and NB without adding the GPU. One reason is that without a drain built into the loop (most people don't add it due to looks) its a PITA to tear it all down/drain it to add another block in the loop. Then of course you have to re-bleed the loop.

    As for the rads, I use a average triple rad and a fat single (both are 120mm rads) and its more than enough for my i7 860 overcl****ed, a pair of GTX 470s overclocked, and my NF200 is cooled in that loop.

    I think the dual plus one radiator idea is sufficient to do it all, I would just suggest doing everything up front instead of tinkering with it multiple times;)

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