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Thread: Question about db?

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    Lets say that I have 4 fans in my case. They are all the same and they each put off 30 db. Am I right in assuming that the db's don't add up.

    Like 4 fans x 30db each = 120db? It's more like 4 fans x 30db each = 30db? Right?

    And anything less than that should get drown out by the louder fans, right?

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    You are correct in your assumptions. Your ear will really only pay attention to the most noticeable sound it hears, which is why it is difficult to pick up any sort of background noises when there is some sort of louder noise in the area.
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    Harmonisily balance fans run quieter. Currently I'm running 3 80mm 4500rpm w/ 64cfm each. Several techy buddies agree me that she's real quiet. I also got real good temps on a gen case.
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    Yeah I also have 4 fans in my case with all the same amount of db.
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