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Thread: Need help with water cooling

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    Default Need help with water cooling

    I am going to put 2 radiators in my case to cool the CPU, GPU and mother board. I have some questions from some of you experts on best way to do the. my reservoir </SPAN> has 4 returns so i could parallel the Items i want to cool. is this better than series them and the radiators is it better to series or parallel these?? i am going to order parts in the next few days so hope some one helps me.

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    Default Re: Need help with water cooling

    The big debate! lol.

    I look at it, like I look at electronics. Tubes are your wires, and each "device" be it a rad or a water block are your load. (load = resistance) Your pump is your battery.

    I don't like putting anything in parallel, simply for the fact that water like electricity will take the path of least resistance, and the complications of balancing it all.

    If one of your Rads has less resistance as seen by the water, it will take a larger portion of the water passing through it. If your rads are the same size, it's not that big of a deal. Where the issue comes up, is if you have say a "1 fan long" Rad and a "3 fan long." The 1 fan will have *about* a third of the resistance. Therefore most of the water will go through it for cooling. Your big rad which would be more efficient for cooling will be doing much less.
    Not very good is that?

    Add to that the complexity, mess and risk of leaks, of adding splitters and combiners (your 4 returns are "combiners").... sounds like not a good solution.
    You will also need to take into consideration the waterblocks if you are going to run those in parallel too.

    BUT, if you balance the system and loads very well, you will be able to move water faster with a smaller pump than a series counterpart. (basically the pump will have to work less as the "overall" resistance will be lower)

    You will have to decide for yourself what you are willing to play with and how much complexity is fine for you.

    Even if you tried a "heat" circuit and a cooling circuit, you would need to split the "out" once or twice and now you have to worry about balancing those circuits.. yikes.

    A good trade off would be maybe:
    From the pump to all waterblocks in serial. After last water block split to 2 equal sized rads, and then return to the reservoir (using 2 returns).


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