it will not be efficent at all but will be quiet!!! i know i will use an obscene amount of power for what i get but if it is small enough and dose what I want a lot of people will not are about power usage if it is dependable, easily controlled small and can give then a cold PC to over clock. they cann it custom PC and modding for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

I just hope i am not the one to eat the crow. I also know it will cost a lot to do this. but also know most people like us in these forums do not care about that. it is all about who has the prettiest, fastest, coolest and most rad PC in the world!!! LOL

A friend tells me everyone one on these forums have a serious case of ***** envy!!!! not trying to be vulgar or insult anyone but he is right in a way because of what i said before about having, the prettiest, fastest, coolest most rad PC... lol