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Thread: Too Hot ???

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    I Have a P4A 1800 and i use the original Intel cooler , temp. is between 50 and 62 degrees Celcius. Is this normal?
    I also use 2 Smart case fans from Thermaltake.
    Please help!!!!!

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    It's is a little warm but don't panic as if the temp gets to about 75c the P4 will start to throttle back and then shut itself down if heat keeps risin'. P4's do run very warm and a lot of ppl don't seem to realise this (a few ppl here were havin' kittens over temps when the P4's first came out). ;)

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    How warm is the case could be that you just need to cool the case down by running the case fans all the time (I trust you have one as input and one as output??). High temps are usually symptomatic of two primary causes...inadequate hsf combo and/or a high case temp...I think you'll find that as you reduce the case temp you will also reduce your CPU temp by the same amount.
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