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Thread: so I have the PS fan blowing inwards...

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    Greetings all,

    My 1st post! Anyways, my 1600+/volcano 9 system was running real warm so I pulled out the dremel and installed a bunch of fans and a little dab of arctic silver.

    Overall, things are running at better temps, however, I was concerned about the PS. One of the fans is on the top of the case (a blow hole) right beside it and I was noticeing that the PS fan was outpowered. It was supposed to be blowing out but it wasn't! Plus, it seemed a little warmer than it should have been.

    So anyways, instead of changing my case fan config. or patching up any holes, I figured that I'd try reversing the PS fan (to blow inwards) seeing as it should at least have some sort of airflow. Seeing as the blowhole is right at the PS breathers I also figured that the hot air would be expelled imediately anyways.

    So far it runs great (with lower temps) but I really havent done any real testing or gaming.

    I realize that this may seem like a dumb thing to do so don't flame me. Logically, to me, however, this makes sense and seems to work.

    Please tell me your thoughts on this.

    Thanks :cheers:

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    Yeah, seems logical, except unless your other PS fan isn't working, it should be going directly out of the case anyway. I'm sure you know it, but the air flowing into the case is only as cool as the room temperature. I try and keep my comp room coool :thumb:

    Hope it all works out for ya!
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