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Thread: case cooling help

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    I have recently built a beast of a computer

    dual 2.6 Xeons
    4 15000 RPM fujitsu drives
    1 7200 RPM IDE drive
    Antec performance plus File server case

    This computer is getting really hot. CPU and system temps hover around 100F and go up farther when pushing it.

    This is how I have it laid out now. I would love some suggestions on how to change it.

    I have the 4 15000RPM drives in front bays with a fan blowing into the case over each pair.

    Then 2 rear exhaust fans blowing out along with a side fan above the vid card/pcis blowing out.

    How to set it up is a tough decision, because the drives need to be cooled, but they are preheating the air into the case...

    Is an external drive cooler my only option?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions, Thanks


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    37 for a CPU isn't bad at all...but for a system temp is inda high but still isn't terrible...

    Fans are measured by CFM ..You should always have a bit more CFM for intake than exhouast. Try cutting out two 92 mm holes on your side panel pushing air into the case. and try to get an exhaust on top blowing hot air that rises to the top of the case out. And if you case has room and the setup for a intake fan in the front use that as well...

    The side panel fans will help ALOT...make sure they are diagonally placed one hitting the agp and pci slots and another over the CPU and memory. As for they Hard drives they sell Hrddriver coolers which i use my self for my two WD its real nice cuaz it doesn't take out a rom bay or anything luse it a heatssink and two 60 or 40mm fans...

    Hope that helps maybe some other peeps around here can give you better idea...

    Oh, another thing...what type of fans and heastsink are you using on your CPU's...and are you using Artic Silver (if you are make sure your coat is paper thin):)
    - Damien

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    100 degrees fahrenheit is a pretty good temperature for a CPU.

    Have you considerred watercooling? 15k hard drives benefit immensely from harddrive waterblocks. It would probably really help with the noise. I'd estimate about $200-300 for a system like yours, with 2 WBs, a northbridge cooler, 5 hard drive coolers, and a vidcard cooler.

    If you don't want to do that, then consider creative fan placement. Perhaps ducting your 3.5" HDD cage out to the side of the case would help with your preheated air problem. Put a large(90mm or 120mm, whatever fits) fan over the front, and use tape and cardboard(or something less ghetto, your choice) to direct the air from the back of the cage to a hole on the side of the case. Good ideas: PCI/AGP slot fan(on the side panel, blowing air down at the slots), ducts for CPU fans, exhaust vent at the top of the case, cutting apart some cheap heatsinks(<$5 generic pinned heatsinks) and thermal compounding them to your hard drives.

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