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Thread: Celeron 1.7 temps

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    Hey all, I was wanting to overclock my Celeron 1.7 but I only have the custom heatsink and my temp goes from 37-50. I also have no other cooling inside my case. I was just woundering If and how high I should try to get it ? or what is a good fan I should buy ?

    Thanks for your time
    My rig;

    Asus P4SDR-VM
    Celeron 1.7 Ghz
    Geforce 2 MX 400
    256megs of SD ram

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    Best try and put a couple more fans in your case put one in the front sucking cool air in and one on the back blowing the warm air out, that should drop it a few degrees for ya and a better hsf volcano 7 haven't triedone yet but every body raves about it.


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    Default front intake, one rear exhaust (in addition to the PSU fan) and a Volcano 7+. My 7+ dropped CPU temps by 13 deg Farenheit over the stock Intel HSF.
    XPCBOX X-Cool case (black)
    2x120mm case fans
    7x80mm case fans
    ECS/PC Chips P.O.S. mobo
    P4 1.7GHz
    (to be OC'd soon w/ new P4B533)
    Thermaltake Volcano 7+
    256MB DDR @ 266MHz (temp)
    AOpen nVidia GeForece4 MX440 64MB
    (OC'd to 300MHz Core, 401MHz

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