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Thread: XP2100 - SETI Temps ?

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    Those Temps sound fine but it would be so much better to include the room temp as well for a true comparison. ;)

    Atm it's 46C outside and 43C upstairs so SETI was turned off as well as Thunder plus I'm debuin' now whether or not to turn the server off as well (now how much was a Prometeia again? :?: )

    But at least the 3 PC's down here are still crunchin' away in a more comfortable 33C. :D

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    Well for comparisons sake room temp is 15.6, interior case temp is 25.9, system temp is 29 and the cpu temp is 34. I have noticed that others with the MSI boards are also reporting temps that seem high. If I take the case sides off I see a copule of deg. drop in temp but I am comfortable with the temps that I get. I dont want to install higher speed fans to cool the case as its loud enough right now with the 8000 rpm fan on the cpu. I plan to install some in the near future just for the heck of it and see how much louder it gets. hope this helps you out!

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    I have a XP 2100+ with a Volcano 7+. My normal temp. is around 33C, and when I am decoding about 5 Mpeg files @ 700MB each, my temp is 44C to 46C. I also re-wired my fans in my case, so now when my computer is on, it feels like a hericane in there.

    Oh, any luck overclocking the XP2100+? my max is 1924MHz, but still not very stable at times...

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