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Thread: good fan for SKL-800?

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    When I got my SLK800, I got the smart fan II with it. But, as Wiggo said it is pretty loud, and the high pitched noise it makes is quite annoying as well. I had an 80mm Delta lying around, so I put it on it and ran it at 7V. At that voltage, it was heaps quieter than the Smart Fan II was(and I wasn't running it at full speed, probably around the 3800rpm mark) and it cools about 4 degrees better as well due to the directed air flow.

    I find the noise level quite acceptable now, but if it is still too loud, I ran it on 5V for a while, and it is very good then, and the temperature only rises 4 or 5 degrees. Once the summer heat is gone, I will drop it back to 5V for winter I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDR
    - but at least you can turn them down

    with the extreme high output delta's you're stuck with 54db all the time...unless you install a pot. capable of handling a full amp., they're starting to get a bit more common now
    Don't use a pot - do a 7V mod (as mentioned above), or get one of those other dealies that doesn't use power-to-heat dissapation to lower the voltage (what r they called again?). I use the 7V mod for net use, etc.

    That 7V delta sounds like the best idea so far.

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