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Thread: Thermaltake SubZero4G Thermo-Electric Cooling System

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    Looks like a real spate of releases goin' on over at Thermaltake and here's their SubZero4G Thermo-Electric Cooling System for us to drool over. :devil:
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    impressive! but the temps they post aren't really that much cooler than temps that tweaktown guys get with conventional cooling.

    does any other company use this technology?
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    It just looks like a fashionable door stopper to me, if it was going to be something at least useful and worth the hastle of buying, then it would ALL be made out of copper, not fancy shiny blue metal, and it wouldn't have a safety sheild which probably cuts 50% off of it's cooling capability.

    The PCI fan looks like a good buy though I must admit, but the CPU fan, no, it just looks like you're paying for something that looks good rather than something that'll do it's job properly.

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