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Thread: Athlon Temps + VCool

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    Hey all.

    Before I tried cooling my system down any it was sitting at around 55C full load. I got:

    AMD Athlon XP 1800+
    AOpen AK73(A)-V Mobo with the VIA KT133 chipset
    Standard AMD HSF

    I tried many 'cooling' progs such as CPUIdle and MB Probe, but I stumbled across one called VCool. It was very handy, it ran without any large windows, just sits in the tray and does what it should do. I am skeptical about cooling pc without any extra fans to do it so I am asking whether these programs really do good or they just read what you wanna see :/

    Standard daytime temps:

    Full Load:
    CPU: 48-50C
    System: 40-42C

    CPU: 32-34C
    System: 29-30C

    CPU: 27C
    System: 23C

    I would say I average around 37-40C on full load at night too.

    I think my pc is running fairly cool now with the help of VCool. I wont be investing in any Volcano's very soon either. It still is summer and I would expect it to run significantly cooler in winter.

    Can someone confirm my thoughts? :)

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    From what i understand (i could be wrong), but some progs. use a throttle at certain temps. so if you go above lets say 50C, the proggie "throttles down" you CPU to only lets say 50%. It keeps it cool, but its not really running at the full speed.

    BTW its freaky to me that you have summer in the Feb. but than again you got winter in August, so its all good. :cool:
    I cant wait for summer!

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    These programs are really useless and are only good for Win9x systems while idlin' and do not effect load temps which is the one that's important. Do ya self and ya PC a favour and get some proper coolin' in there as that's all that will get those temps down for real. :devil:

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    The Volcano7+ is only like 20USD anyway.
    I cant imagine that you cant find some $$ laying around to get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HivaSect
    I am skeptical about cooling pc without any extra fans to do it
    Why? The whole purpose of adding fans is to cool the system down. As long as you follow some very basic guidelines, you will get much more effective cooling without having to resort to the "trickery" that most of these software choices utilize.

    As Wiggo stated, do yourself a favor and get some REAL cooling in place. It works without gimmicks that will throttle the performance of your system.
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