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Thread: PIII 733EB Cooling HELP!

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    I have PIII 733EB and want to overclock it and I'm a newbee. I have read all that needs to be read and understand the process. What I looking for is suggestions on cooling. I have looked at the Vantec Aeroflow, the Zalman 3100+ and the Theramltake Volcano 7+ but I'm looking not to have a vacum running as far as noise is concerned.
    Also should I be looking at adding a VGA Fan to the Ati card and a Chip set fan to replace the standard heat sink on the MoBo.

    System set up is:
    P3 733EB
    Asus CUSL2
    PC133 SDRam 512KB
    Ati All In Wonder 128 Pro AGP4x
    Two 80mm case fans one intake at the front and one blower at the rear.

    IPS I've had this clocked @907 bus speed @165 and voltage @1.65 but on full load it ran stable but at 53 C Hot

    I look forward to your replys

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    Quite frankly a retail Athlon HSF would do the job and a 7+ would never have to come off low speed. ;)

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    The cooling units you were looking at could keep an overclocked p4 at a low temperature let alone a p3. You could stick a duron 1.3 ghz in your computer for the amount those coolers will cost. Much faster than overclocking your p3:devil:
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