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Thread: placement of thermal probe

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    Nope checked that , i will assume dead batt and get another one. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdgosch
    Was wondering what you guys opinion was as to where i should put the thermal probe. ...should i just leave in hanging in the case to read the case temp or somewhere else?
    Let me know what you guys think!!!!

    I think you should do something creative with, run the leads longer and out of the case and tape the probe to your forhead. Then, play an intense game and see if your temp goes up! :rofl:
    (You may not want to use the probe internally, for err....sanitary and safety reasons)
    Or: Use it to check the present temp of your beverage of choice ( is a bit cold, BRB)
    Or: An even longer lead and a probe to check the internal temp and see if that Christmas turkey is done.
    Ghetto weatherstation: Run the lead outside the window to see if it's too cold and you can justify staying in and playing games!
    Or: Run it to the bathtub and see if that water is just right.
    Ghetto burglar alarm: Run it to the fridge. If the temp goes up, you know someone is stealing your beer...
    Lie detector: Run it to a chair and have someone sit in it while you ask them embarrassingly personal questions about themselves. Temp goes up...BZZZZT! Wrong answer, try again pal. I already know you stole my beer.
    :rofl: :rofl: :cheers:
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