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Thread: Are Your Cpu's Runnin hot? I got the solution!

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    I have been looking into setting up a cpu duct similar to that for quite a while now. i was almost about to go out and buy the parts for it until i stumbled across duct kit right here >]=375

    I will probably set it up between an Vantec 80mm (84.1 CF/Min) then to my YS Tech 70mm TMD (39 CF/Min), so i will ideally have 123.1 CF/Min of air heading to my HS

    The only problem is that i currently have is that the Vantec 80mm fan being used as an outtake, so after switching it to in intake, i will have buy 2 more vantec's just to to even out the air flow in the case again :(

    Yet to decide where to put em though.. not much room left in my case to play around too much :(
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    Probably wouldn't work very well for me since it's 105f outside right now.. :(

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    I have seen that duct kit too, and it looks pretty sweet. They even have it in blue and other colors now. This is something I might look into if my system needs a little extra cooling.


    PS And on the best Thermal paste, Shin Etsu is the best. I just read a review about it and it clearly blows away all Artic silver stuff. I couldn't find any of the shin etsu stuff. So I went with the Cooler Master Premium, made by shin etsu. It takes 3 days to "cure" but clearly (on the graph) drops temps about 4degrees below any of the others out there.
    Lapping is always a good idea too.
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    Well I modified the cooling tube that came on my computer last night. The hole over the HSF is about 4 times as big as the actual HSF, so I cut a piece of cardboard to fit in there so it would only go into the HSF. Temp. dropped about 4 C.:hammer:
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    Never above 32 and idles in the 20s most of the time. Artic Silver III. my OWN custom case modifation to get fresh outside air to the CPU HS.:D
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