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Thread: Kingwin HSF, any good???

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    I was at my local comp store when i came across a Kingwin KCU-7015 HSF.
    There was only 1 left in my cpu size so i got a price chek. 10 bucks!! It looks pretty snazzy but is it any good? Any of u guys have experiance with a Kingwin HSF. I bought it but i wanna know if its any good before i install it. I just have a stock HSF on my AMD 2100+, so if its better then the stock HSF i'll put er on.:?:
    My rig.....
    AMD 2100
    MSI KT3 ultra 2
    Maxtor 40gig
    Lite-on cd-rw
    256mb Crucial
    A CD drive I ripped off an old Compaq
    2 80mm blue LED fans
    hard drive cooler
    and a window

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    Quite frankly as it is also a bi-metal heatsink I'd doubt that ya'd see much improvment over the retail version (if any at all) plus I think ya CPU is worth much more than $10. At least get an all copper HSF of reasonable quality.

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    Go to and click on cpu coolers and check out coolermaster they adequate coolers...for a good price...but quite frankly...for justa bit can get yourself a V7+..which is all cooper and works very well with o/cing.
    - Damien

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