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Thread: Dispelling AMD vs. Intel "which runs cooler?" Myth

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    its kind of ironic that im reading my old post here because yesterday it was 40C plus humidity.Smog warnings all week. hey red dragon where u from in canada. i havent seen it below -35 here in Ontario before. well im just a youngster so maybe it was -40a long time ago, but damn thats pretty chilly even for Canada.

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    I have lived in Southern California all my life. So even at Xmas time it was in the 70's.
    I just got back from Tokyo after living there for 5 years, and out of 2 of the years it had record snowfall for Tokyo in 52 years!!! It was funny. The Japanese don't know how to drive in snow!!!. They were all over the place.

    Anyway, now I live in North Dakota, right under the Canadian border. We got her 2 days before Xmas. It was so coldddddd I couldn't believe it. Winters last about 7-8 months and can sustain temps of -70 for weeks at a time. Plus the wind chill. Some people only get out once a week if they don't have to.

    It sucks!!!

    I was born where we had 2 seasons Summer and fall, and fall didn't last that long!!!

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