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Thread: What to buy with 150$

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    I have a budget of around 450$ for upgrading my PC this summer.
    I have to spend 230 on a radeon 9700 -not the PRO- and another 90 for 512 mb corsair pc2700 rams.
    which leaves me with 130-150 bucks to spend on cooling so I can overclock the CPU.(xp1700+ tb to go 2.0Ghz plus)
    Zalman copper cooler CNPS 6500 and a peltier to go along with that seemed a logical choice. costs total of 130.
    I need some tips for what i can buy instead cos i want suffficient cooling and i need something that can be bought in Europe. Germany specifically.
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    The Zalman can't do a good job in normal circumstances let alone team it with a peltier. Get a Volcano7+ and use the saved money for maybe improving case airflow if necessary or something else.

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    how 'bout a watercooler kit but one of them cheaper ones.
    would they work as well and what fans are good for case flow
    if i were to buy the 7+ volcano

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    Default has some decent cheap kits.
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