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Thread: updated drivers dont work

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    i recently updated my drivers for the orginal ATI Radeon 32mb DDR card to the only ones on the ATI site, the Catalyst drivers. It said these drivers were for radeon cards. I updated them, but then my comp thought i had a Radeon 9700 and i couldnt load Q3 or any other games. Does ATI just not have any driver updates for my card or is something wrong? The reason i ask is because i had to format my HD and wanted to have something besides the drivers that came w/ that card. I have updated the drivers previously, but it was at least 9 months ago.

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    I generally stay well away from the chipset manufacturers site with regards to drivers. I have had much better luck with beta versions as they tend to be newer and offer good performance increases.

    Try checking out and see what they have available for your board.
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    Catalyst drivers are supposed to be for all Radeon cards. But I think you may have hit the OpenGL glitch with the latest Catalyst driver. Isn't Quake lll an OpenGL game along with Half-Life?

    ATi have a beta hot-fix download on their site to cover until their next release. Or you may wish to try Omegadrive's version of Cat. 3.5 to be found via or on Driverheaven's downloads page.

    Good luck

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