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Thread: how do i change 2X to 4X???

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    Its my friends system so i don't know much about it. He has an athlon 1.4
    786 sdram
    windows 98
    radeon 9000pro 128ddr

    It said in the manual that when u plugged a video card with 4X capabilities that it would change from 2X to didn't. Can someone list some ways to change this? I tried the cmos settings and found nothing. I also tried all the ATi software and came up with nothing as well. Anyone ever heard of having to change a jumper for this? or could it be a driver issue or what? ..any ideas I can test would be greatly appreciated. thanx. I will try to obtain the mother board info so i can get more precise help next time if i don't find a fix.

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    if the mobo supports 4x agp then you should just get ati control panel and change it to 4x, thats on smartgram(whatever it is) tab.
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    2x 160gbs 7200 rpm 8mb buffer maxtor hdd
    win xp pro with sp1a
    all drivers updated

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    The change can be made in the mobo's BIOS.

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