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Thread: Monitor death issue from Catalyst 3.8

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    As Weta posted in a earlier thread, there has been reports about the Catalyst 3.8 drivers heating up the graphic cards and blowing out monitors.
    Read a few other forums and there are many opinions and rumours going around.
    Anyone experience problems with the 3.8 drivers? Or is it just a rumour someone stirred up.:confused:

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    I'm waiting for further information and confirmations. ATI has stated they can't reproduce the problem. While that isn't a huge surprise, there hasn't really been enough incidents to make me nervous. And considering I've been using CAT drivers for some time now (including the ones in question) with no issues, I'll reserve judgement.
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    The monitor issue sounds a bit far fetched, as I don't believe the Catalysts would override the DDC information the monitor is sending to the graphics card, unless manually forced to by using the refresh override built into the Cats or a refresh rate fix. Even the secondary display entry on single monitor setups would read the DDC info first to find out the refresh rates.

    Even if it does exit, using a refresh rate fix like Refresh Force and applying the refresh fix to all listed displays will prevent this from happening. It's cheap insurance.

    I have however noticed the extra heat that the 3.8s consistently generated and it was very real, at least for me. Even at idle and at the same ambient temps as the 3.7s I was usually 1-2C above my usual case temp. Fortunately I've had no such issues with the 3.9s.

    3.8 seemed to be a bit of a test bed for ATi as the VPU Recover option also caused people a few problems, and perhaps caused the excess heat by overworking the core? Anyway the 3.9s seem quite good, so thankfully it's behind us.

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    Yeah. They do. ... Good game. I think my whole card is f***** now. I've updated to 3.9 but I still get this crap all the time, I can no longer game. Any ideas?

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