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Thread: ATI Easyshare

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    Watch TV anywhere and anytime on home PCs with ATI's EAZYSHARE™
    New CATALYST™ software enhances TV viewing experience on a home network

    EAZYSHARE™ software from ATI Technologies Inc. enables users to share TV – live or recorded – from a PC equipped with ATI’s ALL-IN-WONDER® card with any other PC on their home network, as long as it has a “Built By ATI” RADEON™ graphics card. The ALL-IN-WONDER card turns a PC into a fully-functional personal video recorder and EAZYSHARE extends those benefits to other PCs in the home. The launch of EAZYSHARE is the latest step in the transition of the PC from workhorse to the multimedia center of a wired home.

    ATI’s EAZYSHARE converts a PC with an ALL-IN-WONDER card into a video server. The viewer can sit at any networked PC (assuming it has a “Built By ATI” RADEON card) and watch TV with access to all the functions of a Personal Video Recorder. They can pause live TV, skip ad breaks, get instant replays of touchdowns and so on.

    “As home data networks have surpassed the critical ten million household mark for U.S. households and will reach 30 million in just five years, connectivity for multimedia applications will spur dramatic growth,” said Kurt Scherf, Vice President of Research for Parks Associates, a market research and consulting firm. “Given that one in five consumers in networked homes is already expressing an interest in multimedia networks, we anticipate strong uptake for solutions that leverage the processing and storage power of the home computer to drive new entertainment applications.”

    “ EAZYSHARE brings us one step closer to putting a multimedia PC at the center of a connected home,” said Ben Bar-Haim, Vice President Software, ATI Technologies Inc. “Now that home networks are commonplace, ATI is introducing EAZYSHARE to leverage them to bring PVR functionality to every room with a computer.”

    ATI is the only company to provide a complete multimedia solution for the PC platform: advanced 3D graphics hardware and software; hardware accelerated video processing; and, sophisticated software for remote multimedia enjoyment. ATI’s EAZYSHARE software has been certified by Microsoft Windows Hardware Qualified Labs, confirming its stability and compatibility with the widest possible range of systems.

    The combination of ATI’s RADEON based video cards and ALL-IN-WONDER with EAZYSHARE (available in MULTIMEDIA CENTER 8.8/CATALYST 3.10) delivers an enhanced home networking solution – only available from ATI Technologies. EAZYSHARE is designed to run on any secure home networking configuration including 10/100 BaseT, HPNA, and 802.11b/g.

    Available for free* download from in December 2003, EAZYSHARE is included with ATI’s CATALYST™ 3.10 software package designed to give ATI’s RADEON video card users improved performance, additional entertainment value and overall increased stability.

    ATI Technologies press release

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    WOW! ATI is doing a great job eh? thats heavy stuff!!! thanks for the Info weta!

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    Well, I got the AIW card already, looks like I need to put an ATi card in my other PC now. :) Thanks weta. :thumb:

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    Any word on if they will write software so that it can be supported on Nvidia cards? I'm thinking that they won't because alot of their market will be non-geeks who don't care what vid card they get, and will decide to get all ATI's for their kids and whatnot for this feature...

    It ATI doesn't put universal vid card software, someone will write it.... You just might have to wait a few extra months Beefy...

    Good for ATI! Innovation is sweet, and now that nVidia has owned the chipset market, its good to see ATI doing new things as well...

    How many video streams can the software support?

    How many channels can it support simultaneously?

    Will the computer be expected to do some kind of real time compression? (how man MB/sec we talkin?)

    Will the process be processor intensive-- ie will you need a ghtz worth of processor power for each stream?
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