hey guys. long time no write, but good to see the forum is still going good!ok, now my BIG Q of the day is...now that i hopped up my pc to all hell and i hit 3.4 ghz now im focusing in on my video/monitor situation, which i must say is in dissaray. ik have the standard free dell 17" crt that does an amazing 1027x768 at 60 whole Hz (max is [email protected]) way unnacceptable for ut2k3 @100fps now i wana upgrade my gf4 ti4200 (oc'd OF COURSE) to a fx5900 and get a NEC 22"top of the line monitor (link= http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...alog=19&depa=1) i just find the lcd situation unacceptable, cant get a 1600x1200 in a lcd below 700$, now the plan is to get a fx5900 and eventualy get a water block for it and make a seperate cooling system for the vid. card alone, (2 w/c systems in one case) because my [email protected] is running about 47c core and 120f water, so i dont think i can add more heat to the line without **** crashing from overheating. anyone know if i can even run games at 2048x1536??? i never had high end equipment before so i dont relly know, sorry for the dumb Q. one more thought about the purchase, anyone know if a fx5900 oc'd can push out decent frame rates @2048x1536?? i never ran AA/FA on my ti4200, just cuz , well, i couldnt see any differance besides a frop in frame rates, but with the decent monitor i might run 2x/4x AA/FA , ok well i think ive said enough, ill just hope for a good response, also any opinion on the gear i plan on getting would be much apreciated (no i wont get any form of ati because i hate there drivers and i can never get there cards to work worth a shi*,althought there new caRDS ARE KICK-ASS ) :blah: :blah: